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ader of the Blue and White party. While Gantz has said that his desire is to form a national unity government

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with the Likud, his quick rise to popularity in Is▓rael is greatly because of his promise that he will not sit with a prime minister under i?/p>

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坣dictment.Although he secured one more mandate than the Likud in the last election, he fai▓led to muster the number of mandates necessary to form a government."Gantz is still incapable of forming a government," said Egoz. "The right blo▓c is much more unified than the centrist-left bloc and this was very eviden▓t during coalition negotiations."After ▓two round of elections, several attempts to form a governmen▓t and Netanyahu's legal affairs, Israel▓ finds itself in a political deadlock that ▓might not end in the near future.Po▓lls conducted on Thursday by Israeli media outlets show no major change in the political map. A▓ poll by channel 12 showed 46 perce▓nt of the Israeli public believes Netanyahu should resign in light of the indictment."The notion of justice is burning in m

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e," sa▓id Netanyahu. "I will not let this lie win. I will continue to lead this country, according to the la▓w.""The end of the deadlock is directly conne▓cted to the end of the Netanyahu era," said Egoz.If Netanyahu's feisty appearance after the attorney gene▓ral announced the indictment is anythi▓ng to go by, he is determined to stay

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